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Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough Guide Book/ファイナルファンタジーIV徹底攻略編/Final Fantasy IV Tettei Kouryaku Hen

Worth getting? Yes!

Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough Guide Book Overview

The Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough Guide Book is a no-frills guide to completing FF4 from start to finish. The guide is split into 3 main sections.  The first section is the “Guide” section, which consists of a detailed walkthrough of each zone in the game, including a map of the area with markers for chests/rooms, a list of items found on the map, previews of boss fights, and descriptions of story events that take place on the map. Next is the “Chart” section of the guide, which is more or less a sequential flow chart showing how to progress through the game from start to finish. Last up is the “Data” section, which lists information about all items/monsters/etc in the game.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough “Guide” Section

final fantasy iv complete walkthrough cover

An overview of Mysidia

First i’ll talk about the meat of the Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough Guide Book, which is the “Guide” section. This section will pretty much show you everything you’ll need to complete each area in the game. Each page for a new area begins with a map and description of the area, along with a summary of what is happening in the story when the party arrives there. This is usually followed by a list of items that can be found the in area, as well as a list of levels that your characters should be at that point in the game.

ff4 complete walkthrough super bosses

An “Extra Data” section dedicated to Dark Bahamut and the White Dragon secret bosses

Important side quests and events have a separate page dedicated to them. Some example include a guide on how to make the Excalibur and overviews of some of the super boss fights like Omega Weapon and Bahamut! These “Extra Data” pages are quite useful, so make sure to take a look at each of them!

The “Guide” section of the book is good overall, but it sometimes suffers from a big of vagueness. For some of the boss descriptions, for example, the guide will say something along the lines of “be careful of AoE damage”, without telling you what kind of element it is. Since the guide is meant to be a “complete walkthrough”, one would hope for a bit more information about upcoming boss fights.

ff4 complete walkthrough super bosses

Walkthrough for the Underground River that you’ll find early on in the game

Besides the occasionally vagueness, the “Guide” section does what it was meant to do. It maps out the area for you and tell you what to expect in the upcoming maps, where all of the treasures are locations, hints about future boss fights, and even shows screenshots of where save-points and other important landmarks are. This section doesn’t really delve into monster encounters or monster stats or anything like that, but the recommended level lists should be a good enough indicator to see if you’re strong enough for the zone.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough “Chart” Section

ff4 complete walkthrough objectives chart

Flow chart showing various events such as meeting up with Palom and Porom and Cecil turning into a Paladin

The “Chart” section is a bit interesting, albeit kind of unnecessary. It’s basically a giant flow chart that spans over a few pages that shows the direct flow of story events in the game. It’s basically a quick reminder of what you’re supposed to do next if you ever get stuck.

Just following along with the “Guide” section would probably be a much better idea, especially with all of the information included in that section. If for some reason you would just prefer a quick description of what to do next, a quick glance at the “Chart” portion of the guide should do the trick.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough “Data” Section

ff4 complete walkthrough weapon data

Stats for various weapons

The “Data” section is what you’ll need to refer to separately in order to figure out the stats of all of items you’ll find around the map, as well as checking monster stats for each area you explore. The lists are all text only, so you won’t see any cool concept art for the weapons or any monster sprites like you will in the cool FF4 Battle Analysis Guide Book, but you’ll still be able to find all of the important stats that you’ll need to know.

My only complaint is that I wish they showed the stats for each boss on their respective area page, so you could get a good feeling of how much you need to level up beforehand. Flipping to the back of the book each time you enter a new area can be a bit of a nuisance, but this is still just a small complaint.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough Review

The Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough Guide Book does what it was meant to do. It’ll take you from the start of the game to the end of the game without much trouble along the way. While “Complete” is in the name of the book, I think it could have been a little bit more “Complete” (in regards to showing boss stats in their area page descriptions, maybe some item stats as well). If you’re willing to flip back and forth through the book a few dozen times while playing, this is about as complete of a guide as you’re gonna find.

The guide is of course in Japanese, but since there are maps for every section and a wide array of in-game screenshots to help guide you along, I think you could follow along with the guide until the very end even without being able to read Japanese. I don’t think I could recommend it purely as even just an art book like I did with the FF4 Settings Data Guide Book, but I could recommend it as a supplementary map book since the maps are quite detailed (some of the maps in FF4 can get pretty confusing)!

If you’re looking for looking for the real-deal, official guide for the original version of FF4, you can’t go wrong with the Final Fantasy IV Complete Walkthrough Guide Book!

Worth getting? Yes!

ff4 complete walkthrough back cover

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