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Although a whole 3 months late (Tokyo Game Show 2019 happened back in the middle of September, it’s the middle of December now…), i’d like to show you another cool event-exclusive item I picked up at TGS this year (besides the Chrono Orchestra 時を渡る翼 Official Calendar 2020!) – The “Final Fantasy The Preludes” Original Soundtrack!

Considering this is a CD, there’s not really a whole lot that I can say about it that wouldn’t be better explained by just listening to the CD itself. I will go over some real brief explanations about what to expect from the CD and a little about how I got it/what the case and stuff is like.

First off, this is a 会場限定 (Kaijou Gentei, literally “Meeting place exclusive”, but pretty much means “Event exclusive”), meaning that it can only be purchased at public Square-Enix related events. As far as I know, as of now it’s looking like the only other opportunity to grab a copy of the CD is at the Jump Fiesta this month. It’s entirely possible that this along with other stuff that was sold at the Square-Enix booth as “event exclusives” could end up in their online store next year, though…(it’s free money, SE!)

I picked this up at Tokyo Game Show 2019 for around 2,200 yen or so, which is around only $20 USD. It comes in a digipak case with an Obi (people call them “spine cards” I guess in English, even though an Obi is technically a kind of wrap/sash/belt but hey), but unlike most digipak CDs where the CD is placed inside the folding part of the case, the CD is actually located “inside the sleeve” of the case (basically inside the paper of the back of the case itself).

Final Fantasy The Preludes Liner Notes

Liner notes from Hironobu Sakaguchi, along with some credits at the bottom

Upon opening of the case, instead of finding the CD, you’ll see some liner notes from Hironobu Sakaguchi himself, talking about what led to the creation of the “Final Fantasy Prelude”, as well as what the song means to him and what kind of feelings it invokes within him whenever he listens to it.

On the back you’ll get your typical tracklist. This is actually quite important for this CD, because truth be told, it’s a CD with a single song played 25 different times! While each song is a different variation of the Final Fantasy theme, even the most hardcore fanatics of the series are bound to guess the wrong game at least a few times throughout their listen, so having the tracklist on the back to check which ones you missed at the end is super handy.

Like I said above, considering this post is about a CD, there’s not really much I can actually talk about other than what i’ve mentioned so far, so now it’s time to check out the CD for yourself! I finally went and uploaded my own physical CD for the first time, so unless Square-Enix nukes my video over some sort of copyright issue, the video shouldn’t suddenly disappear like the ones I linked for Dragon Quest I & II (Dragon Quest 2)/ドラゴンクエストI・II (ドラゴンクエスト2) and Parasite Eve/パラサイト・イヴ did a few months back…

Finally, here it is! Please enjoy!

Thanks for listening, and I hope you had a great time listening and guessing which songs came from which games! If you have anymore free time, please feel free to check out some other stuff on my site, like the Dragon Quest 1 CD Theater/CDシアタードラゴンクエスト1 if you’re interested in some more stuff to listen to!

Final Fantasy The Preludes Back Cover

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