Dragon quest 1 cd theater front cover

Dragon Quest 1 CD Theater/CDシアタードラゴンクエスト1

Dragon quest 1 cd theater front cover

Dragon Quest 1 CD Theater

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Dragon quest 1 cd theater booklet cover

The front cover of the illustration booklet

Here’s a really interesting find – a Dragon Quest 1 CD Theater – a “read-along”,  if you will. I guess a “follow-along” is a better description, as there isn’t really any text that you read along to. You listen to a narration of the events that take place during Dragon Quest 1 while “following along”, flipping through the pages and looking at illustrations of events and areas in the game.

dragon quest 1 cd theater alefgard

An aerial view of Alefgard

dragon quest 1 cd theater cd

The actual CD itself. A lot less blue and gold than I imagined!

The Dragon Quest 1 CD Theater comes with a CD with roughly an hour worth of narration of the entire story of the game, as well as a 48 page illustration book, which offers beautiful artwork of some of the cities, dungeons, and monsters that you’ll find throughout the game. You’ll also get to see some really cool things like the hero, Loto’s (Erdrick in the Western version of the game) sword/armor, and even the tablet that you find early on in the game that tells you about your lineage and what you need to do to get to the Dragonlord, decked out in Futhark runes (old norse runes)!

dragon quest 1 cd theater loto sword

Loto’s Sword, with our hero decked out in Loto’s Armor

dragon quest 1 cd theater castle

Our hero in the royal chamber of Ladutorm Castle

One thing that I really like about the Dragon Quest 1 CD Theater is that the illustrations really help give an idea of what the world and characters would actually look like. Similar to what I usually talk about in my guide book overviews, I really love character and environmental artwork as they help me get a more concrete idea of what the creators imagined the world and the things inside of it would look like. I’ll definitely go into my next Dragon Quest 1 playthrough with an entire different image of of the hero, Loto’s special equipment, and some of the towns in the game!

dragon quest 1 cd theater axe knight

Our hero getting gibbed by the Axe Knight in his search for Loto’s Armor

One thing I should note for anyone who wants to track this down – the narrator speaks Japanese at full native speed (as you’d expect, huh?…), so if you’re actually looking to be able to follow along with what he’s saying, you’ll need a very good listening level. Based on the type of setting that the game takes place in, you’ll also need a pretty good vocabulary to catch all of the fantasy/medival-equivalent words. This will put your Japanese to the test, way more than the actual game itself!

dragon quest 1 cd threater dragon

The hero ready to save the kingdom

The Dragon Quest CD Theater series looks like it ends with Dragon Quest 6. I found both the Dragon Quest 1 and Dragon Quest 2 ones as a set, so i’ll write about the Dragon Quest 2 version here later on. It’s essentially the exact same thing though, just set in the Dragon Quest 2 world instead.

dragon quest 1 cd theater booklet back cover

The back cover of the illustration booklet

For anyone looking to pick one of these up, it’s looking like you’ll need to order from a Japanese store, or else you’ll have to pay an arm and leg it seems on Ebay (going for about 30-80$ as of February 2019). They aren’t anywhere close to that expensive domestically in Japan, but they are fairly rare, so I guess that makes them practically impossible to find overseas, hence the crazy price gouging…

I was thinking about uploading the audio myself, but I actually happened to find a video of it! Sadly, it only has a still of the front cover throughout the entire video, so hopefully the pictures I uploaded will suffice! I tried to upload all of the cool ones, or at least the scenes that stood out the most! Hopefully you’ll have fun while listening to it, even if it’s just for the sweet OST that’s mixed into the background!

dragon quest 1 cd theater back cover

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